Thursday, November 17, 2011

A bit of history

It's no secret that I love historical fiction.  I'm not even terribly picky about when or where it's set, as long as the story is good.  Here are a few of the hidden gems I want to share with you...

If you like novels set in Russia, or are a fan of espionage thrillers, try Child 44, by Tom Rob Smith.  This is part homage to Mother Russia in the early part of last century, and part spine-tingling suspense novel.  In Stalin-era Russia, the workers are provided for in a society meant to be free of crime and fear.  Yet there is fear of the State, and MGB agent Leo Demidov is among the best and brightest in the State Security Force, protecting the system from the citizens.  When he is arrested, interrogated, and renounced by the State, he loses everything he has ever known, but must work under the radar in order to solve a string of murders occurring in the "crime-free" State.  I could not put this one down.

If you're an Anglophile, love English Tudor history, or are looking for something to match The Other Boleyn Girl, try Mademoiselle Boleyn by Robin Maxwell.  What was the infamous Anne Boleyn like as a child?  When her father is assigned a position spying at the French Court, the Boleyn family, including young Anne, accompanies him.  Coming of age in a powerful court rife with intrigue, deception, power and dangerous liaisons, Anne learns feminine wiles she will use to her own downfall later in life.  A beautifully researched, riveting piece of historical fiction.

What are some of your favorite historical novels?  I'd love to know!

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