Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth Day Greens

So, I'm a couple of days late for Earth Day 2012.  But spring has sprung, and your yard is probably looking for you to do something a little green.  I know mine is!  It's never too late to plant a tree, make an eco-friendly change, or just spruce things up a little.  Here are some great new green books to get you started!

Landscaping for Privacy: innovative ways to turn your outdoor space into a peaceful retreat, by Marty Wingate.  If ever there was a home and garden book that got rave reviews, this one would be it.  Buffers, barriers and screens of all kinds are covered here, from hedges and fences to tricks and tips to hide everything from noisy neighbors to unsightly sheds.

Whole Green Catalog: 1,000 best things for you and the earth, edited by Michael W. Robbins.  This great resource covers eco-friendly options in areas from building and renovating to recycling to parenting and everything else you can think of in and around your home, including toys and furnishings, too.  Full of changes small to extensive that you can make to be a little greener.

If you're looking to make your gardening practices more organic, or you'd like to know more about natural landscaping, The New American Landscape: leading voices on the future of sustainable gardening, edited by Thomas Christopher is a great place to start.  Meadow gardens, landscaping to attract birds, and creating sustainable edible gardens are just a few of the topics covered.

Finally, get your kids interested in going green, too!  There's a great guide to suggested titles by age range listed over on the Earth Day Network website to get you started.

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