Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reading Ahead: December 2012, part 2

Things here at the library are finally back to normal after Hurricane Sandy gave us all a good pummeling last Monday.  I'm hoping that you are all safe and sound, with power and heat again.  I know for many, myself included, last week was grueling in so many ways.  On the first day without power, I was actually trapped at home, as a huge pine in our yard had fallen on our cars, and we were stuck with no way out until the tree service came to remove it so that we could assess the damage.  Let me tell you, I did a TON of reading while it was light enough to do so.  I'm talking, starting my third book by the time we were starting to lose the light.  What can I say?  Sometimes I read to escape.  The list of books I've read for this month should be pretty hefty with such a big head-start.

Speaking of escaping, here is the second half of the small-but-mighty list of big titles to be published in December.

Shiver, by Karen Robards

Private London, by James Patterson and Mark Pearson

Too Bright to Hear, Too Loud to See, by Juliann Garey 

There actually were several more titles to be added to this list, but with no power or computers at the library for most of last week, our orders are a bit behind and I don't have information to share on them.   So you may find part three to this list later in the month, once we're caught up again.  It's the last title on this part of the list that has my interest piqued, as the reviews have been unanimously raving.  A studio executive, who has been hiding his bipolar disorder for 20 years, finally decides to let his disorder have its head and leaves his family for a decade, traveling and being himself for the first time.  It's being described as poignant, brilliant and powerful, and I think it could be along the lines of Emma Donoghue's Room for a powerful stunner.  

Let me know how you all made out with the storm, and if you have any great reads to share!

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