Thursday, September 19, 2013

Three on Thursday: Cozy Fall Meals

If you're ever in need of inspiration for what to make for dinner, look no further than the shelves and shelves of cookbooks at your library.  Want to cut back on take-out? Learn how to make your favorites at home--it's easier than you think.  Bored of your same old stand-by recipes?  The library has books on a variety of ethnic and contemporary American recipes.  Inspired by your favorite Food Network chef?  Check us out!  We have dozens of cookbooks written by your favorites!  To get you started, here are a few new cookbooks that might help with some of your weeknight cooking dilemmas, full of warm, comforting recipes to suit any palate.

Not much time to cook, but still want a homemade meal for the family?  Try Debra Ponzek's The Dinnertime Survival Cookbook, with lots of healthy and easy recipes.  My favorites?  The soups and slow cooker recipes--low-maintenance, high satisfaction, and great on the leftovers front!

Have one day a week that you can use for food prep?  You might find Jessica Fisher's Not Your Mother's Make-Ahead Cookbook to be just what you're looking for.  She teaches you how to batch-cook just about anything, from breakfast items easy to grab on your way out the door to soup, pizza, meats, casseroles and more.  I have to give her major points for thoroughly addressing the planning stages of batch cooking--any bit of time-saving in these instances helps tremendously!

Finally, we are entering the season for parties, and I don't know about you, but I often find myself stumped on what to bring!  Fear not--Good Housekeeping's The Great Potluck Cookbook to the rescue!  The cookbook itself is separated by event or holiday, but who says that you can't mix and match?  Who says you can't use that picnic recipe for Monday Night Football?  Or that tailgate recipe for a holiday party appetizer? 

Happy reading--and cooking!

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