Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Reading Ahead: March 2014, part 1

March has so many new books slated for release, I hesitate to even give you an intro, because there are so many books to post about!

Suspense & Thrillers (part 1)

NYPD Red 2, by James Patterson and Marshall Karp

Missing You, by Harlan Coben

Watching You, by Michael Robotham

If you're looking for a recommendation from this librarian, I have two for you.  I really think the new Harlan Coben (about a NYPD detective who goes looking for love, and finds only suspicion and conspiracy) is a sure thing.  The other title I have on my radar is Robotham's new thriller, which critics are comparing to S.J. Watson's chilling novel Before I Go to Sleep--that was a favorite of mine, so I need no further convincing!

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