Thursday, May 1, 2014

Reading Ahead: June 2014, part 1

While winter lasted approximately forever this year, and spring has been slow and cool, I promise that summer will be here.  And when it gets here, you're going to want to be ready with a stack of books!  Today, I've got an assortment of suspense and thriller titles slated to be released in June.

Invisible, by James Patterson & David Ellis

That Night, by Chevy Stevens

Terminal City, by Linda Fairstein

The Red Room, by Ridley Pearson

What's made it onto my list?  I tend to be pretty picky about my suspense novels, but I really have enjoyed Chevy Stevens past work, especially Still Missing and Never Knowing.  In her latest novel, it has been sixteen years since Toni Murphy and her boyfriend Ryan were convicted for the murder of Toni's younger sister.  Now on parole, Toni is back in her hometown trying to keep her head down and her nose clean, except no one is making that easy.  Her mother doubt's Toni's claim of innocence.  Toni's former classmates, who tormented her in high school, seem set on picking up where they left off.  And Ryan is determined to find the truth, even if his digging puts both him and Toni back in prison.  The truth, it seems, may just be the only way Toni can clear her name and truly move on, even if it means risking everything to prove it.  I have high hopes for this one!

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