Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reading Ahead: October 2014, part 2

Today's post brings you thrills, chills, suspense, and a long-undead character back among the living. What the heck am I talking about?  Read on.

Paris Match, by Stuart Woods. Stone Barrington is back in his 31st outing of Woods' long-running series, and has returned to Paris to attend to some business. While he's there, Barrington finds himself pursued by an old enemy who has teamed up with a second man who has his own reasons to be out for Barrington's blood. And concerns from across the pond find our hero torn between his needs abroad and those of his country back home.

A Wolf in Winter, by John Connolly. Bestselling Irish author Connolly returns with a new Charlie Parker thriller which finds the private detective drawn to Prosperous, Maine after the death of a homeless man and the disappearance of his daughter. The people of Prosperous are not welcoming to outsiders; their lives and prosperity are dependent upon shielding their centuries-old secret from the rest of the world. Parker, however, is not a man easily dissuaded, and he is therefore one of the biggest threats to the citizens of Prosperous, putting him in terrible danger. Readers who like their thrillers full of rich prose and introspective characters would do well to try this series.

Prince Lestat, by Anne Rice. At long last, Rice returns to her most popular series and character, the decidedly non-sparkly vampire Lestat. The Vampire world is in utter chaos. Vampires are proliferating at alarming rates. Burnings have commenced world-wide; old vampires have been raised from their long slumbers by a Voice bidding them to do terrible things. Heroes of Rice's long-running series, like Armand, Pandora, Marius and others, are all brought together to figure out what the Voice is and how they may stop it. At the center of all of this madness is the curiously absent Prince Lestat himself, considered the last great hope of vampire-kind. Fans will be overjoyed at the return of some of their favorite characters in what is being heralded as a luxuriant and fiercely ambitious novel.

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