Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Reading Ahead: November 2104, part 3

I've got lots to share today, and I hope you're ready, because here we go!

Private India: City on Fire, by James Patterson & Ashwin Sanghi. Can't keep up with the sheer number of Patterson titles coming out? Yup, me either. On the off chance that you're caught up and itching for more, Patterson takes his Private series to the elite PI office in India, headed by Santosh Wagh, who investigates a serial killer with a puzzling signature: the killer targets women, and then leaves mysterious tokens with the bodies. An interesting change of scene in the globe-trotting series.

Wicked Ways, by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush. Two best-selling authors team up here to craft a thriller in which a woman's birthright holds the key to a series of brutal murders. Elizabeth Gaines Ellis is just a normal suburban wife and mother, at least that's what she tells herself. Sure, life isn't perfect. A mean boss. A cheating husband. A traffic cop who seems unduly harsh. She has bones to pick--who doesn't? But she never intended for any of them to wind up dead. No one seems to take her seriously, but the more scared and angry Elizabeth becomes, the higher the body count climbs. Definitely one for fans of either author to check out.

The Girl Next Door, by Ruth Rendell. Rendell has been heralded as one of the greatest novelists of her generation, so if you haven't read her, you might just want to use this as your opportunity to start. Nearing the end of World War II, a group of children in a small neighborhood outside of London find an earthen tunnel that becomes their secret garden, a place to play and trade stories and secrets. At least, until one of the parents finds out and puts a stop to it. Six decades later, beneath a house on the same land, construction workers find a tin box containing two small skeletal hands, one male and one female. Once the discovery becomes national news, the old friends come together once more to recall their days in the tunnel to the investigating detective. Is the truth buried in the memories of this aging group of friends? Fans of mysteries and suspense novels, as well as Rendell's legion of fans, will all want to make sure to pick up a copy.

The Cinderella Murder, by Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke. In a first-time collaboration, “Queen of Suspense” Mary Higgins Clark partners with bestselling author Alafair Burke to deliver a brand new suspense series about a television program featuring cold case murders. TV producer Laurie Moran is delighted at the success of the pilot for her reality drama, Under Suspicion, a cold-case series that revisits unsolved crimes by recreating them with those affected. And she has the perfect case lined up to feature in the next episode: the death of a beautiful and multi-talented UCLA student, dubbed The Cinderella Murder. But as Laurie and her crew dig deeper, guaranteed ratings may also spell danger for them. The critics are buzzing about this collaboration, which starts the beginning of a new series for the pair.

The Job: A Fox and O'Hare novel, by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg. The FBI had one demand when they secretly teamed up Special Agent Kate O’Hare with charming con man Nicolas Fox—bring down the world’s most-wanted and untouchable felons. This time it’s the brutal leader of a global drug-smuggling empire.  The FBI doesn’t know what their target looks like, where he is, or how to find him, but Nick Fox has a few tricks up his sleeve to roust this particular Knipschildt chocolate–loving drug lord.

I'm back on Thursday with a few titles to recommend if you're thinking about snow and mistletoe already!

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