Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Reading Ahead: May 2015, part 2

More suspense and thriller novels? But of course!

Solitude Creek, by Jeffery Deaver. Deaver's latest rejoins California Bureau of Investigations agent and body-language expert Kathryn Dance (last seen in 2012's XO) as she investigates a tragedy at a small concert venue--false cries of "fire" caused the crowd to panic and stampede, and a number of people were trampled and killed in the crisis. Dance finds that not only was the panic created intentionally, but the perpetrator is a man obsessed with turning people's own fears and greed into weapons, has more attacks planned. She and her team must race against the clock to find where he will strike next before more innocents die.

The Forgotten Room, by Lincoln Child. Last seen in 2012's The Third Gate, charismatic and quirky Professor Jeremy Logan is an "enigmalogist"--an investigator who specializes in analyzing phenomena that have no obvious explanation. In this newest novel Logan finds himself on the storied coastline of Newport, Rhode Island, where he has been retained by Lux, one of the oldest and most respected think tanks in America. Just days earlier, a series of frightening events took place in the sprawling seaside mansion that houses the organization. One of its most distinguished doctors began acting erratically—violently attacking an assistant in the mansion's opulent library and, moments later, killing himself in a truly shocking fashion. Terrified by the incident and the bizarre evidence left behind, the group hires Logan to investigate—discreetly—what drove this erudite man to madness.

The Fall, by John Lescroart. Fan favorite protagonist Dismas Hardy (last seen in 2014's The Keeper) appears here with his daughter Rebecca, now grown up and an associate in Hardy's law firm. Late one night, a teenage African American foster child named Tanya Morgan plummets to her death from the overpass above San Francisco’s Stockton tunnel. But did she fall…or was she pushed? Rushing to produce a convictable suspect in the glare of the media spotlight, homicide inspectors focus their attention on a na├»ve young man named Greg Treadway. Greg is a middle school teacher and he volunteers as a Special Advocate for foster children. At first, the only thing connecting him to Tanya’s death is the fact that they shared a meal earlier that night. But soon enough, elements of that story seem to fall apart…and Hardy’s daughter, Rebecca, finds herself drawn into the young man’s defense.

14th Deadly Sin, by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. For a change, things seem to be going well for all the members of the Women's Murder Club as they gather to celebrate San Francisco Medical Examiner Claire Washburn's birthday. But the party is cut short when Lindsay is called to a gruesome crime scene, where a woman has been murdered in broad daylight. As Lindsay investigates, shocking video footage of another crime surfaces. A video so horrific that it shakes the city to its core. Their faces obscured by masks, the cold blooded criminals on the tape could be anyone-and now all of Lindsay's co-workers are suspects. This series is a particular favorite among Patterson fans. New to the series? Start with 1st To Die.

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