Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reading Ahead: December 2015, part 4

Sometimes you just need a fast, easy, uncomplicated read, a guilty pleasure, if you will. If that sounds good right about now, here are a couple of titles to look forward to next month.

Precious Gifts, by Danielle Steel. After Paul Parker, handsome, charming bon vivant, lackadaisical parent at best, passes away, his children--three very different daughters and a son who has spent life careening from one failure to the next, convene for the reading of his will. And his final wishes are full of surprises and secrets that will shake his family to its very core. Steel's fans are already clamoring for their copies, so don't miss out!

Secret Sisters, by Jayne Ann Krentz. They knew his name, the man who tried to brutally attack twelve-year-old Madeline in her grandmother's hotel. They thought they knew his fate. He wouldn't be bothering them anymore...ever. Still their lives would never be the same. Madeline has returned to Washington after her grandmother's mysterious death. And at the old, abandoned hotel—a place she never wanted to see again—a dying man’s last words convey a warning: the secrets she believed buried forever have been discovered. This tale of romantic suspense is sure to win Krentz even more fans.

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