Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Can't Keep It To Myself: Day Four, by Sarah Lotz

I realize I haven't done one of these posts in awhile. I read a fair amount, a book or two per week, but often I'll go a long stretch before I stumble upon something that I feel must be shared immediately. And Day Four is one of those books. Now, what I didn't know when I picked this up is that it's actually the second book in a slated trilogy. I'm remedying that now, reading book 1 The Three. The beauty of Day Four, however, was that I had no inkling that it was a sequel until I looked up the author to see if she'd written anything else. To my mind, that is no easy feat to write a trilogy and have each book stand up well independently, without losing something if you haven't read from the beginning.

Cruise liner The Beautiful Dreamer is beginning its journey back to Miami from its Caribbean voyage with hundreds of vacationers aboard when disaster strikes, predictably, on day four, leaving the ship stranded in the Gulf of Mexico. A case of the norovirus begins to run rampant among passengers, supplies begin to run low, and unrest among both passengers and crew begins to simmer. But that's just the beginning. There are rumors running rampant on the ship: there might be a murderer on board, and the lower decks might be haunted. Five days adrift is a long time... I'd recommend this, and its prequel, to fans of The X-Files and of authors like Mark Z Danielewski, Brian Freemantle, or Justin Cronin.

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