Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Reading Ahead: April 2016, part 3

Women with secrets has long been a best-selling suspense novel staple. But it's tried-and-true, as several of April's new bestsellers-to-be are sure to prove.

The Obsession, by Nora Roberts. A childhood trauma forced Naomi to abandon her past and reinvent herself completely. Moving far away, changing her name, nothing seems to erase the shadows of her past. Until she comes to a small community and finds a rambling old house that needs repair--here, she finds somewhere she wants to call home, even if her neighbors do insist on pulling her out of the solitude she craves. What will it take for her to leave her past behind, once and for all? Roberts hasn't been a best-selling author for decades without a reason--her books almost always find their way onto my reading list.

Hide Away, by Iris Johansen. World-famous forensic sculptor Eve Duncan has landed in a well-guarded hospital room in Carmel, California. But hidden danger looms for Eve, her beloved Joe Quinn, and Cara Delaney, the young girl they’ve both sworn to protect. With Cara’s enemies on the move, Eve has no choice but to flee the hospital―no matter what the doctors say. And help is going to have to come from the very last person Eve ever thought she'd ask. Johansen's Eve Duncan series is a long-running fan favorite--if you're new to it, consider starting at the beginning with The Face of Deception.

As Time Goes By, by Mary Higgins Clark. Television journalist Delaney Wright is trying to find her birth mother, only to find herself on the brink of stardom after she begins covering a sensational murder trial, that of Betsy Grant, accused of murdering her wealthy husband. Delaney should be thrilled at the opportunity, but finds herself distracted. Her friends, in an effort to ease Delaney's mind, offer to help with her search, only to find a shocking secret they do not want to reveal. And widow Betsy Grant refuses to accept a plea bargain--she's innocent, and she'll go to trial to prove it. The only one who seems to believe her, though, is Delaney herself. Clark's fans are legion.

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