Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Reading Ahead: August 2016, part 2

Hope you enjoyed your rainy weekend--it was a great one to curl up with a book! If you're planning for rainy days to come, here are a few to tempt you next month.

Frost Line, by Linda Howard & Linda Jones. Something new and very different from Linda Howard, a collaborative effort in a new paperback series with a magical twist. The pair have collaborated in the past, but this genre, a combination of metaphysics and romance, is definitely something out of the ordinary.
Lenna is Strength, a manifestation of the Tarot card, and powerful beyond reckoning. But when she’s pulled into the human realm and tasked with protecting a young boy, everything is thrown into chaos. Lenna’s not supposed to be here, interacting with mortals. She’s definitely not supposed to be drawn to the sexy mercenary sent to retrieve her by any means necessary . . . Something to keep in mind if you're a fan of Howard's but in the mood for something a little different.

Bullseye, by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge. Ninth in this writing pair's Detective Michael Bennett series, following 2015's Alert. A Manhattan snowstorm is the perfect cover for a highly trained team of lethal assassins hunting their prey. But their first hit is simply target practice. Their next mission may very well turn the Cold War red-hot once again. Stepping directly into the line of fire, the president of the United States is in New York for a summit at the United Nations with his Russian counterpart. Pulled away from his family and pressed into service, Detective Michael Bennett must trace the source of a threat that could rip the country apart--and ignite a war the likes of which the world has never seen. 

A Time of Torment, by John Connolly. Fourteenth in Irish author Connolly's long-running and extremely popular Charlie Parker series (following 2015's A Song of Shadows), which finds the driven private detective determined to bring down a small, isolated community that thrives on a bizarre culture based on ritual...and murder.

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