Thursday, October 6, 2016

Reading Ahead: November 2016, part 1

Series fans, I hope you've saved some room on your dance card this fall, because installments will be coming fast and furious!

This Was A Man, by Jeffrey Archer. Archer fans will both rejoice and mourn the publication of this, Archer's final installment of his very popular, bestselling Clifton Chronicles. (Have you missed this series? Or perhaps you've been waiting for all of the books to be available before digging in? Start at the beginning with Only Time Will Tell.) This final novel opens with a shot being fired, but who pulled the trigger, and who lives and who dies? As tragedy grips the Clifton clan one last time, who will survive is anyone's guess. Fans absolutely cannot miss this. Also available in Large Print.

No Man’s Land, by David Baldacci. Fourth in Baldacci's John Puller series (following 2014's The Escape), No Man's Land finds Special Agent Puller, combat veteran and the army's most tenacious investigator, back with an investigation of the most personal nature--the thirty-year-old missing persons case of his own mother. His father, now sinking into dementia, has been accused of murdering her after all these years, and it's up to John, with the help of his brother, to discover the truth of who his parents were thirty years ago, and what really happened. Also available in Large Print.

Night School, by Lee Child. Twenty-first in Child's long-running and bestselling Jack Reacher series, Child's latest takes a step back in time for Reacher. It’s 1996, and Reacher is still in the army. In the morning they give him a medal, and in the afternoon they send him back to school. That night he’s off the grid. Out of sight, out of mind. Two other men are in the classroom—an FBI agent and a CIA analyst. Each is a first-rate operator, each is fresh off a big win, and each is wondering what the hell they are doing there. Then they find out: A Jihadist sleeper cell in Hamburg, Germany, has received an unexpected visitor—a Saudi courier, seeking safe haven while waiting to rendezvous with persons unknown. A CIA asset, undercover inside the cell, has overheard the courier whisper a chilling message: The American wants a hundred million dollars.” For what? And who from? Reacher and his two new friends have to race to find out. Also available in Large Print.

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