Thursday, June 15, 2017

Reading Ahead: July 2017, part 3

While I love thrillers as much as anyone (I'm currently reading two simultaneously, which is easier than it sounds.), but sometimes, summer calls for easy reading. Something that makes you keep turning the pages, that holds your interest, but doesn't demand that you keep track of a cast of thousands or diagram out details to keep the plot straight. If entertaining and undemanding sounds like your kind of summer read, here are a couple to consider.

Cocoa Beach, by Beatriz Williams. Williams's (A Hundred Summers, 2013, etc.) latest is actually due out at the end of June, a recent change, but I thought I'd add it in here anyway. Burdened by a dark family secret, Virginia Fortescue flees her oppressive home in New York City for the battlefields of World War I France. While an ambulance driver for the Red Cross, she meets a charismatic British army surgeon whose persistent charm opens her heart to the possibility of love. As the war rages, Virginia falls into a passionate affair with the dashing Captain Simon Fitzwilliam, only to discover that his past has its own dark secrets—secrets that will damage their eventual marriage and propel her back across the Atlantic to the sister and father she left behind. Part mystery, part romance, all delicious summer reading.

The Nearness of You, by Dorothy Garlock. For sheltered librarian Lily Denton, the bustle of New York City is an adventure she dreams about. But in the wake of her mother's passing, her father keeps Lily close to home, so she works and she dreams. Until the 1952 Fall Festival begins and the tourists flock to her town, among them professional photographer Boone Tatum. He's got a gift for trouble, but his life on the go seems to slow when he sees Lily Denton. Danger has also come to town, though, and the joy Lily and Boone have found together is in peril unless Lily can stand her ground and fight. A love story with heart. Also available in Large Print.

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