Thursday, December 13, 2012

Reading Ahead: January 2013, part 4

I'm beginning to think I ought to be calling this month's Reading Ahead series "The January Onslaught" or something, because of the sheer overwhelming number of books on the list.  Every time I think I've caught up, I find out that there are still more titles coming.  Buried alive by books?  Sounds a bit like an episode of The Twilight Zone.  Today's portion of the list, however, is much more humor, if still a little strange...

Insane City, by Dave Barry

Here I Go Again, by Jen Lancaster

The Husband List, by Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly

Insane City, Dave Barry's first solo fiction outing in more than a decade, is perhaps a little darker than fans might expect, but no less madcap and bizarre.  Seth keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop.  He's on his way to his destination wedding with the out-of-his-league-hot Tina, having managed to survive a Groom Posse prank in the airport.  The worst is behind him and the best yet to come, right?  Well, sort of.  He'll have more than a few more hurdles (rioters, angry strippers, and an eleven-foot albino Burmese python named Blossom, among others) to get through before the big day.  I'd say this would be a definite must for fans of Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Moore, or Tim Dorsey.

And regular blog readers probably know by now that I have a soft spot for Jen Lancaster.  In this, her second fiction title (after 2011's If You Were Here), readers meet Lyssy, a thirty-seven year old divorcee who's had to move back in with her parents.  Pining for her high school glory years, when she was popular and feared, Lyssy gains a little perspective and seeks to right some of those mean-girl wrongs from her past.  Bound to be funny and feel-good.

Hang in there--one more round to go!  I'll be back next Tuesday with the last of January's list, so in the meantime, happy reading.

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