Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reading Ahead: November 2013, part 3

Historical fiction is one of my (many) favorite genres to read.  Fact blended with a great story--who could ask for more?  I hope you're with me on this, because November has several great selections to choose from!

Stella Bain, by Anita Shreve.  A story of an amnesiac American WWI nurse, found on a French battlefield and unable to remember anything of the last four months of her life, and the surgeon who takes her in.  From London to America and back again, this is a story of love and the meaning of memory.  I cannot wait. 

Bellman & Black, by Diane Setterfield.  A little ghost story, a little historical, and entirely Setterfield, author of 2006's The Thirteenth Tale.  (FYI, I adored her first novel.  You can read my review here.)  As a youth, William Bellman gets caught up in a moment of boyish competition and commits an act of cruelty.  As he grows up, however, this memory fades until is completely forgotten.  Someone else, however, has remembered all these years, and William is about to get his comeuppance.  This is bound to be spooky and delicious.

The Valley of Amazement, by Amy Tan.  Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club (among others), is finally back from a long break after 2005's Saving Fish From Drowning.  Spanning forty years and two continents, Tan's story takes readers from Chinese villages in remote, mist-shrouded mountains to lavish Shanghai parlors, across the crumbling of the Last Dynasty and the rise of the Republic.  Tan does what she does best--explores the relationships of mothers and daughters, complicated by culture, location and generation gaps.  I am awaiting this with baited breath--Tan is a quiet powerhouse.

Looking for a mystery to sink your teeth into next month?  I've got you covered in next Tuesday's post.  In the meantime, happy reading!

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