Thursday, December 19, 2013

Looking ahead to 2014

So closes another year here on this little blog.  What can you look forward to in the coming year?  The old standbys, of course.  More Reading Ahead, more catching up with what I've read.  In January, I'll catch up with everyone and go over my 2013 reading challenge--I'm looking to change up a few things for my 2014 challenge.  I'm also planning a retrospective of some of the best books of 2013.

In the meantime, loyal readers, enjoy the season.  Try to find a little time to relax with a good book.  Take an audiobook with you as you run errands or drive to see loved ones this holiday season.  Make a resolution to read more in the coming year--make a wish list for yourself of books you'd like to read.  Put a night aside every week to "unplug" from the internet and television, take a little time to enjoy a book on that wish list.

And Micheline?  I think your New Year's Resolution is a library card!

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