Thursday, December 5, 2013

Reading Ahead: January 2014, part 1

The holidays are over! 

Just kidding.

However, if you're looking ahead to all of the great new titles coming out in January (as I am), then the holidays are over and it's time to hunker down and weather the cold winter with lots of amazing fiction titles.  And a quilt.  Maybe a cup of hot cocoa.  Want to see what they have in store to whet your appetite?

Worthy Brown’s Daughter, by Philip Margolin

Standup Guy, by Stuart Woods

Fear Nothing, by Lisa Gardner

We'll head off chilly weather with suspense and chills, of course! What I can say is that I was lucky enough (the perks of being a blogging librarian!) to get an advanced copy of Lisa Gardner's new Detective D.D. Warren thriller, Fear Nothing.  I'm not done with it yet (you'll get a full review once I finish), but what I can say is that I absolutely cannot put it down.  D.D. has been injured in the line of duty and unable to return to work.  However, crime never sleeps, and a serial killer has all of Boston scared to breathe.  D.D. may not be in the line of duty, but she is in the cross-hairs, as the Rose Killer has her set as his next target.  I'm a huge fan of the Detective D.D. Warren series, and Gardner has absolutely done it again.  

I'm back with more books to look forward to next week.  In the meantime, happy reading!

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