Thursday, January 21, 2016

Meg's Picks: February 2016, part 2

 I was messing around over on recently, and checking through all of the books I've logged over there--I've been recording what I've read there as well as here since 2012! And one of the things I noticed is that I read a LOT of new fiction. Probably 95% of what I read in a given year has been published within the last two years. If you're like me and love the new, shiny books, here are a couple to tempt you next month.

Missing Pieces, by Heather Gudenkauf. Gudenkauf's name may ring some bells--she wrote 2009's NYT bestseller The Weight of Silence, among others. She returns to readers here with the story of Sarah Quinlan, whose husband lost his mother when he was a teenager. Returning home with him after his aunt Julia's accident, she realizes that there's something shady going on with this family.

A Friend of Mr. Lincoln, by Stephen Harrigan. Historical fiction fans, you might want to pay attention here. This is the story of Micajah "Cage" Weatherby, who had been part of Lincoln's inner circle in the 1830s and 1840s, when the ambitious young lawyer was a rising member of the state assembly. Cage is approached by Wiliam Herndon, Lincoln's law partner, who wants his help in publishing a book on the real Lincoln, the man they all knew, the man before he was president. And so begin Cage's recollections of the young, up-and-coming Lincoln, as Cage soon becomes the chronicler of the raw beginnings of greatness. This has been garnering praise for months pre-publication, so my best guess is this is going to be a standout.

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