Thursday, January 7, 2016

Reading Ahead: February 2016, part 2

Still in need of a thriller to get you through some of the winter doldrums? Try one of these!

Midnight Sun, by Jo Nesbo. Nesbo's thrillers are dark and gritty--I love them! So I am absolutely looking forward to this latest, a second short novel following 2015's Blood On Snow, both part of a new series.
Jon is on the run from his boss, a powerful crime lord called the Fisherman, not only because he faked killing a man who stole from the Fisherman but also, albeit for an altruistic purpose, he took the money the supposed dead man had stolen. Now calling himself Ulf, Jon flees north to Norway's isolated and underpopulated Arctic Circle, where time seems to have stopped. Desperate for a place to hide, he accepts help from the quirky citizens, first from a nine-year-old boy and his mother, then a local shopkeeper. In perpetual fear of being caught by the Fisherman's henchmen, Ulf soon worries about the lives of those who are aiding him.

Robert B. Parker’s Blackjack, by Robert Knott. Parker's passing has not dulled the popularity of his long-running Cole and Hitch series in the slightest, carried forward by Robert Knott. Appaloosa continues to prosper, but with prosperity comes a slew of new trouble: carpetbaggers, gamblers, migrants, peddlers, drifters, thieves, and whores, all boiling in a cauldron of excess and greed. And there’s a new menace in town: a wealthy, handsome easterner—and the owner of Appaloosa’s new casino—Boston Bill Black. He’s a prankster and a notorious womanizer, and with eight notches on the handle of his Colt, he’s rumored quick on the draw. When he finds himself wanted for a series of murders, he quickly vanishes. Cole and Hitch locate and arrest him, but Boston Bill escapes once again. Another murder sets the duo on his trail, eventually taking them back to Appaloosa—where one woman in particular may, or may not, prove to be the apple of Boston Bill’s eye.

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