Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Reading Ahead: August 2017, part 1

These are the busiest days at the library, these mid-summer, summer-reading-challenge, I-finally-have-time-to-read days. And we love it! We love seeing our patrons checking out armfuls of books, love helping you find what you're looking for. And if you're reading ahead and looking at what you might want to read next month? Of course, I've got you covered.

The Good Daughter, by Karin Slaughter. Taking a break from her Will Trent series, Slaughter treats fans to a stand-alone novel. Twenty-eight years ago, tragedy struck Pikeville and left the Quinn family shattered. Twenty-eight years later, tragedy has returned to Pikeville, the surviving members of the Quinn family come face to face with the dark and terrible truth of their history. Fans (myself included) won't want to miss out. Also available in Large Print.

I Know A Secret, by Tess Gerritsen. Though the TNT adapted series Rizzoli & Isles has ended after seven seasons, Gerritsen's characters continue in her novels, and fans are delighted! Boston PD detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles are each going through significant personal issues. Now they're also faced with two seemingly unrelated, and thoroughly baffling, homicides. A piece of this puzzle is dangled by Dr. Isles's birth mother, terminally ill convicted serial killer Amalthea Lank. This is only the beginning of the twisted path the duo will follow to catch a killer.

Seeing Red, by Sandra Brown. Kerra Bailey is a TV journalist hot on the trail of a story guaranteed to skyrocket her career to new heights. Twenty-five years ago, Major Franklin Trapper became a national icon when he was photographed leading a handful of survivors to safety after the bombing of a Dallas hotel. For years, he gave frequent speeches and interviews but then suddenly dropped out of the public eye, shunning all media. Now Kerra is willing to use any means necessary to get an exclusive with the Major--even if she has to secure an introduction from his estranged son, former ATF agent John Trapper. And that's going to get very complicated, very quickly. Also available in Large Print.

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