Thursday, July 13, 2017

Reading Ahead: August 2017, part 2

I've come to the conclusion that there are just so many new titles coming out next month, I may have to add a few extra posts to cover them all! In the meantime, here are some new thrillers on the horizon that will be doing battle on the best-sellers list next month!

The Store, by James Patterson & Robert DiLallo. Another stand-alone novel from the prolific Patterson and crew. Jacob and Megan Brandeis have landed jobs with the super successful, extremely secretive Store. Life seems perfectly safe, but they will learn that it is anything but. Especially since they have a secret of their own--they plan to write a tell-all book about their experiences working for the Store. Is it possible to keep their secret, and their lives, safe? Also available in Large Print

Exposed, by Lisa Scottoline. Fifth in her Rosato & DiNunzio series (following 2016's Damaged), Exposed finds Mary DiNunzio in a tough predicament: she wants to represent an old friend in a case of wrongful termination, but her partner Benni Rosato already represents the parent company. When matters come to a head over this conflict of interest, a battle of epic proportions ensues, one that may ultimately rip the firm to shreds. Also available in Large Print.

Crime Scene, by Jonathan Kellerman & Jesse Kellerman. First in a proposed new series, Crime Scene introduces readers to Alameda County Coroner's Deputy Clay Edison. His job is to determine whether the cause of each death was natural causes or foul play--he leaves motives and evidence to the detectives. But when what seems to be an open and shut case--a once respected psychology professor dead of booze and a bad heart--doesn't hold up to scrutiny, Clay finds himself drawn in to the grim facts of the professor's life, uncovering a link to another verified homicide. CSI fans may want to check out this new series. Also available in Large Print

Without Fear or Favor, by Robert K. Tanenbaum. Tanenbaum's latest in his long-running Butch Karp & Marlene Ciampi series (after 2016's very well received Infamy) finds the husband and wife team up against a radical organization of armed militants bent on the cold-blooded murder of on-duty police officers. If you're wondering if there's a suspense series out there you should be reading, this is it.

Barely Legal, by Stuart Woods & Parnell Hall. It is time for the protege to become the hero, as Stone Barrington's pet project, Herbie Fisher, has been transformed from bumbling sad sack into a capable young addition to white-shoe law firm Woodman & Weld. But all of his training is now put to the test as he encounters his most daring adventure to date. First in a new series.

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