Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fiction in Beautiful Climates

After the wild weather this past weekend, and an ode to stormy weather reads earlier this week, I think it’s really only fitting that we spend a little time in more peaceful (reading) waters.  Again, hoping all of our readers and patrons are safe and sound!

Night on Fire, by Douglas Corleone.  Hotshot NYC defense attorney Kevin Corvelli left big city life to hang his shingle in glorious Hawaii, hoping for less stress and more Mai Tais.  When an argument between newlyweds breaks out in a resort bar one night, Corvelli all but ignores it—he doesn’t do divorce law.  But when a fire breaks out at the resort later the same night, Corvelli barely escapes with his life, though some guests aren’t so lucky.  The prime suspect, one of the newlyweds, becomes Corvelli’s new client, and now the attorney must play detective to see if he can prove his client’s innocence.  Mystery and gorgeous scenery—what more could you ask for?

One of Those Malibu Nights, by Elizabeth Adler.  PI to the stars Mac Reilly is just out for an evening stroll when he hears a woman scream.  An unknown woman in his neighbor’s home tries to kill him, the gun winds up in his car, and Reilly’s neighbor thinks he’s being followed.  Reilly is quickly pulled into a web of intrigue and deceit…and romance?  Light easy reading and a bit of mystery thrown in, just what you might need to unwind after a harrowing few days!

The Island, by Elin Hilderbrand.  Hilderbrand has earned herself quite a bit of popularity for her Nantucket-set romantic romps, and The Island is no exception.  If you’re looking for a sunny, end-of-the-summer beach read, with just enough drama to get you from one gorgeous beach setting to the next, this is your escape.

I hope these bits of paradise are just what the doctor ordered for you.  Next week, we’re going to get cooking!  See you back here next Tuesday!

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