Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Reading Ahead: June 2013, part 2

If you thought the first part of the June thrillers list was exciting, you haven't seen anything yet.  Really, sit down.  You are not prepared.

Are you sitting?  Okay, here we go.

Eye of God, by James Rollins

The Shadow Tracer, by Meg Gardiner

Killer Ambition, by Marcia Clark

Tell Me, by Lisa Jackson

Always Watching, by Chevy Stevens

The Kill Room, by Jeffery Deaver

Very exciting things here!  For one, I am delighted to see Chevy Stevens back with her third novel (after 2011's Never Knowing).  Few authors manage the twists and turns of gripping plotlines like Stevens, and I am extremely excited to read Always Watching

Also on my radar is the new Meg Gardiner stand-alone novel, The Shadow Tracer, which follows skip tracer Sarah Keller in her battle to going from tracer to untraceable after an accident reveals her darkest secret--that she is not the biological mother of her five-year-old daughter Zoe.  Lots of hype on this one--if you don't read her already, this is one to start with.

And finally, Jeffery Deaver has brought back one of my favorite thriller duos (last seen in 2010's Burning Wire), Lincoln Rhyme and partner Amelia Sachs as they track a sniper who hit his target from over a mile away, and the heat is turned up when a knife-wielding assassin begins to systematically destroy all evidence...including witnesses. 

So tell me, what strikes your fancy for some summer chills?

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