Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reading Ahead: June 2013, part 3

The last couple of posts have been great news for readers of thrillers and suspense.  But what if you're looking for some titles worthy of adding to your beach bag or your vacation reading and you're not a thriller fan?  Never fear!  There are plenty of lower-key beach reads that will entertain your brain while you enjoy the warmer weather this summer.  Here are some, from family sagas to chick lit, that might be just what you're looking for.

Ladies’ Night, by Mary Kay Andrews.  Nothing in Grace's life prepared her for being locked out of her home, her checking account and her business after catching her husband cheating on her.  Okay, so she also drove his sports car into the swimming pool, but is that any reason for court-mandated "divorce recovery" group therapy?  It's being billed as poignant and funny with a bit of a mystery.  Andrews is one of the founding mothers of chick-lit, so I would say it should be a sure thing.

Island Girls, by Nancy Thayer.  Three sisters (who shared a father, but different mothers) all convene in their late-father's Nantucket home for a summer together, a condition of his will if they want to inherit said house.  With a history of jealousy and resentment among them, their relationship is understandably sour.  Until, that is, they need to lean on each other to get through relationship woes and sordid pasts rearing their ugly heads.  A classic light beach read.

Beautiful Day, by Erin Hilderbrand.  Nantucket seems to be a running theme this year.  Two families arrive on Nantucket to celebrate the nuptials of a young couple, the details dictated by a plan left by the bride's late mother.  While the couple themselves are happy, their families are much less so.  Family drama and scandal abound leading up to the big day.  This sounds like quintessential Hilderbrand, who does this brand of beach read with flair.

The Last Original Wife, by Dorothea Benton Frank.  As the last original wife among her husband's wildly successful Atlanta social set, Les is fed up.  His cronies have all traded in their first wives for younger models, and she is tired of losing friends and sick of her husband treating it as a favor to keep her around.  Unable to stand it another minute, Les lights out for her hometown of Charleston, intent on cultivating the life of her dreams.

Sweet Salt Air, by Barbara Delinsky.  Two old friends, separated for years by professional and personal choices as well as geography, get together one summer like they used to, on an island off the coast of Maine.  It is a project that bring them together, a professional collaboration that makes the most of Nicole's culinary passion and Charlotte's travel-writer chops.  But it may be the secrets they've been keeping that destroy their friendship for good.  Reviews have been good so far, my guess is it should be a great addition to your pool-side reading.

Light reads not your thing either?  I've got you covered--I'll be back next week with both the substantial novels and the comedy gold slated for June releases.  In the meantime, happy reading!

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