Thursday, July 19, 2012

Can't keep it to myself: The Age of Miracles

I mentioned this title a few months ago, and finally got a chance to sit down with The Age of Miracles early this week.  Now I understand the awe surrounding it leading up to the release date: Karen Thompson Walker's debut is compelling, powerful, poignant and haunting, though the premise seemed almost unassuming.  When middle-schooler Julia wakes up one sleepy Sunday morning in suburban California, she and her family learn that overnight, the rotation of the earth has begun to slow.  Over the coming weeks and months, the days and nights continue to lengthen, dividing neighbors between those running on "clock time" and those trying to adjust to the ever-changing rhythm of the earth, including the "syndrome" of gravity-related illness that begins to affect some citizens.  In the midst of external chaos, Julia continues to struggle with the smaller maelstrom that is pre-teen life: boys, betrayal, loss, and hope. 

Walker completely outdoes herself with the strength of the narrative's tension; I found myself increasingly reluctant to put the book down for any reason.  I can only cross my fingers and hope that she has more books for us in the future, and that they carry similar pull, because this novel was so full of quiet power and perfect imagery that I cannot imagine this is all Ms. Walker has to offer readers. 

Pick this up at your earliest convenience, it is amazing.

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Sandra said...

Couldn't agree more - it is a wonderful book and a perfect read - transports you to a different world through someone else's eyes. Just perfect.